Nothing beats a hypnosis show for blockbuster entertainment value! The Buck Macleod Comedy Hypnosis Show has the professionalism and the quality of entertainment to make your event a tremendous success. You will see your audience members do incredible things and you’ll hear laughter and applause like no show you have ever booked before…guaranteed! Buck Macleod delivers great family fun! At a very early age of eight years old, Buck Macleod knew that his destiny was to be an entertainer. Growing up in Toronto, Canada, Buck started with an early obsession for all forms of MAGIC. After being hypnotized as a teenager however, he knew that he had to master this intriguing Art form. Buck has just recently returned from a European tour which allowed him to hypnotize people in Germany, Belgium, as well as The Netherlands. Over the past decade, Buck has performed in Europe, Canada, and the United States. He has toured in a Las Vegas revue show entitled “Vegas Magic” that took him through Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. Buck has mesmerized audiences from around the globe on Luxury Cruises, on Television, at Fairs, and for Major Corporations. With over twenty three years commitment to entertaining, Buck Macleod has performed his magical entertainment in front of people from around the world. A fresh and clean approach has earned him awards from his peers everywhere. …. And now he would like to work his unique style of showmanship for your audience!