Fernandez is a one man production show integrating cutting edge multimedia and special effects creating a unique experience of video, music, lighting and pyrotechnics including Smoking Guitars.
it’s a mind boggling display of the Power of Suggestion where the audience volunteers create the most amazing and hilarious show you will ever see. Fernandez takes his volunteers on an incredible trip of hypnotic fantasy. They will journey through mosquito-infested jungles, ride on the world’s largest roller coaster, and perform in front of their adoring fans as their favourite rock star. The greatest part of a hypnotic show is that 80% of the audience members have never seen a show of this nature. They automatically think it has to be fake and assume the hypnotist brings in his own “plants”. When they see their own friends and co-workers on stage, they are flabbergasted!
Fernandez has performed at exotic locations around the world sharing the stage with such mega-stars as Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis, Natalie Cole, and Dan Aykroyd. It is all done in good taste. There is nothing funnier.
WHAT THE PRESS HAS TO SAY: “FERNANDEZ has transformed volunteers from his audience into instant celebrities…..” The Las Vegas Sun “He is a master in his field….” The Toronto Sun “Absolutely Riveting…..” Miami Herald “Fernandez rates at the top of his craft…..” Toronto Star…. “Absolutely the finest stage-hypnotist ever…..” L.A.Times.