“Canada can lay claim to one of the best magicians in the world.”
The National Post.
Richard Forget is an international award winning magician with a show that places him at the forefront of the magic world. He has created a magnificent magical experience that is inspired by his years traveling throughout the world and living in Toronto, Canada. Richard’s vignettes tell a fascinating tale about Richard’s experiences in an urban setting and in a modern world, with a magical twist.
The full length show, Magic Stripped, is a total theatrical experience. It is a unique combination of bigger scale illusions along with one or two attractive assistants, first class displays of manipulation and magical dexterity, lighthearted moments of audience participation and more serious moments when the audience is magically moved and mesmerized at the same time.
The magic segments are so flexible that they can be customized to fit a spot as short as six minutes or as long as an hour plus. They can also be performed as one piece or can be divided into segments without altering the effectiveness of each section.
– 2011 Canadian Magician of the Year
– 2009 Mandrake D’or (Golden Mandrake)
– 2009 International Brotherhood of Magicians champion-For the second time
– International Brotherhood of Magicians Jury and People’s Choice: CHAMPION
– Society of American Magicians Jury and People’s Choice: CHAMPION
– Hong Kong Grand Prix: CHAMPION
– International Battle of Magicians Jury and People’s Choice: CHAMPION
– Silver Lion Award Winner: China
– Silver Shanghai Magic Festival Award
– Mystic Craig Award: USA