A graduate of McMaster University with a degree in Psychology, Rick Rossini was inspired by fellow alumni, world famous magician Doug Henning. Rick studied and practiced magic to become one of Canada’s leading entertainers. He has developed into a sought-after professional speaker, entertainer, magician, writer, and corporate communicator. Rick has worked his special magical presentations as promotional, educational and motivational vehicles for hundred of companies and hundreds of thousands of people all throughout the world from the boardrooms of New York to the stage of the Hummingbird Centre. His shows are all designed to inspire, excite, entertain, educate and motivate! Rossini has expertly redefined and refined the art of putting the magic into a message and the pizzazz back into the presentation with spectacular entertainment and dynamic presentations. Experience the MAGIC! A dynamic, magical production that will fascinate and delight. A perfect blend of illusion, comedy, dance, sound, and lights. With a female and a male assistant, here are some of the illusions Rossini can perform: MIND OVER MATTER: suspending a person in mid air. IT’S A KIND OF MAGIC: doves, rabbits, and assistants appear & disappear in seconds. MISS MAID MARY: a rock and roll version of dividing someone in four. OUT OF BODY: a unique psychic experiment involving the whole audience. MERCY STREET: swords, sorcery, and martial arts create an illusion of the future. PURE IMAGINATION: a hilarious mental illusion using the audience and their imagination. METAMORPHOSIS: Houdini’s favourite illusion changing places taken one step further.