If your clients are looking for something truly unique, this act is only one of two in the world. The Evasons are part of a new generation of mentalists who will absolutely fascinate your audience with a thought provoking and totally interactive show. They have performed in 28 countries to a Who’s Who of the Fortune 500 including Coca Cola, McDonald’s, and Imperial Oil. Jeff (a former radio announcer) and Tessa (a former fashion model) present a show that is slick, fast-paced, and very professional. Their 60 minute presentation includes telepathy, thought projection, table levitation, feats of memory, and mind reading, all done with a comedy-oriented approach. Sometimes an audience member is levitated. Once a year, performers from around the world get together in Las Vegas to participate in an exclusive international stage competition called the World Magic Seminar. Only one act per country is allowed………the cream of the crop! World renowned magicians SIEGFRIED & ROY choose their favourite act and present that act with the famous SARMOTI AWARD. Jeff and Tessa won this prestigious award with their spectacular “SECOND SIGHT” show. The Evasons are the first mentalists and the first Canadians ever to win this coveted prize. They are also winners of the prestigious Dunninger Memorial Award as “Psychic Entertainers of the Year” in the U.S.A. Their many TV credits include NBC-TV’s “World’s Greatest Magic” special from Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, FOX-TV’s “Powers of the Paranormal” special, “Grand Illusions” on the Discovery Channel, and multiple appearances on all of the Canadian TV variety and talk show programs.