World renown mentalist Mysterion teams with female mentalist Steffi Kay creating a two person mind reading experience that is truly breathtaking. Steffi brings back classic style mentalism. With her vintage look you will feel transported to the golden age of magic. They have appeared at hundreds of corporate events as well as countless nationwide television appearances including Quarter finalists of 2019 “America’s Got Talent”, Penn & Teller “Fool Us”, plus over 90 shows t the Magic Castle, and at Las Vegas casinos, etc.  Together they showcase their special way of communicating, with a touch of humour and most importantly class. Recently they got the stamp of approval when The Sentimentalists fooled world-famous magicians Penn & Teller on their hit TV show “Fool Us”.

Imagine your thoughts transferred across the room into Steffi’s mind with 100 percent accuracy. Your CEO thinks of the name of their favourite film and Mysterion and Steffi are able to divine that movie. Spoons bend with mental powers and drawings are duplicated with telepathy on the spot. For the highlight, The Sentimentalists are able to correctly identify items in the wallets and bags of audience members, so be careful what you think. Corporate events, Private events and functions, media appearances and tradeshows are just a few of the endless places The Sentimentalists shine.